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Image by Ramon Kagie

Your Destination

Come to Anguilla, the Caribbean's Best Kept Secret.

The Island

Anguilla is a unique destination that combines some of the most luxurious resorts in the world with some of the most impoverished people on earth. This situation provides an opportunity to enjoy the islands’ best prestigious spoils while giving back to a community in dire need. 

The Island is full of exceptional life altering excursions that are certain to leave their mark in our campers’ soul.
With direct flights from Miami to Anguilla and DC to St Maarten, the island access is as convenient as it gets.

By Vacationing in Anguilla, You Are

Helping the Locals Rebuild Their Homes

In 2017, Anguilla suffered some of the most destructive disasters a country, a people, and an economy can withstand. Hurricane Irma nearly wiped out the entire island leaving devastation, death, and destitution. It took the island 7 months to regain power and water. Fast forward to 2019, and the Covid Pandemic all but shut out its economy's main source of revenue as Tourism closed entirely. 

The recent government policies have put additional stress on this small population of 5000 active workers. Our service trip is designed to alleviate their pain while providing financial sustainability for the people we touch.

The Anguilla Experience

The Culinary Experience

Discover New Tastes

Our experience would not be complete without an extraordinary culinary discovery.  While on the island, our campers are exposed to many local and international delicacies and tastes.

We make sure that their food restrictions are never an impediment to their experience and enjoyment with our private chef’s team, the various restaurants we visit, and the tastings we share. Many campers arrived with dull tastes and left with richer palates. 

The Expeirence
Explore Activities

Activities vary from year to year. Here are some of our campers’ favorites.

Past Accommodations

The size of our group and the grouping of our campers determines the locations we offer. This service experience is of premium quality and the houses are selected accordingly. Below are some of our favorites.