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2025 Trip Info

Be the Change You Want to See

The 2025 Service Trip will be open to kids between the ages of 13 and 16 years old.
We will be servicing a maximum of 32 campers on each of the 5 dates we offer below. Campers can choose their interested service track and housing options within each of the date options.

This trip is designed to be the perfect balance of half community service & half vacation.

March 18th

Last Day to Register

Sample Schedule

A Typical day at Anguilla

6:30 am

7:00 am

7:30 am

8:00 am

9:00 am

10:00 am

11:30 am

12:00 pm

12:30 pm

2:00 pm

6:00 pm

6:30 pm

7:00 pm

8:00 pm

9:30 pm


Wake Up
Departure to ATA or Eco Site
Set Up facility for Camp or Eco Site Prep Start
Pre Rally Group or Site Clean Up (3 to 5 year old)
Rising Stars (6 to 9 year old / 9 to 12 year old)
Academy Tournament Group (12 and up)

Stretching and Practice Recap


Back to resort for Lunch or Preparation for lunch excursion
Island Excursion (ex: Catamaran Ride)


Travel back to resort

Arrive at resort

Dinner and Gratefulness Session
Personal Time
Lights out

Transportation & Chaperones

Camper safety is our number one priority, especially while we are serving in a foreign country. All aspects of our journey are thoroughly reviewed, prepared, and checked for safety and medical support, and even our executives travel with their own children to the island.

Our staff provides 24/7 chaperones to make sure every camper is taken care of. We have security guards throughout the nights as well as private on-call doctors. Transportation is provided by the villa we live in, specializing in the highest degree of hospitality and security. Our team is also certified to administer medication for campers who have daily prescriptions.

Campers are encouraged to strike the right balance of immersing themselves in their surroundings and communicating back home with their families so that the distance does not create angst. This service trip is designed to help our campers reconnect with a bigger sense of purpose. We encourage them to spend less time on screen and work on being more self-sufficient and develop more initiative.

Image by Sean Oulashin

2025 Camper Options

Discover the power to change lives while serving others. 

Save the Date!

June 25th to July 9th

Anguilla Service Trips 2025 Dates.png

June 10th to June 17th

June 22nd - June 29th
3 Service Options

Each camper will receive a total of forty hours of community service hours for their goodwill on the island. This includes tennis instruction to Anguilla Tennis Association youth as well as various projects to advance the island.


Tennis Service


Ecological Service


Media Service

Each camper will receive a total of forty hours of community service hours for their goodwill on the island. This includes tennis instruction to Anguilla Tennis Association youth as well as various projects to advance the island.


Our service trips are fully endorsed by the Anguillan Ministry of Sports, Education, and Social Development. Minister Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers has personally described our service trips as contributions of national benefit.


The Anguilla Tennis Trip is under the Tennis Central Foundation, an accredited 501(c)(3) organization. 

Below is a letter from the Anguilla Minister of Education and Sports:

  • Tennis Service (16 Campers max per session)
    There is nothing more impactful than elevating another human being out of poverty and providing a path to a higher education. Imagine spending two weeks teaching young players of all ages the sport you love and in the process instilling in them the desire to reach higher. This is exactly what you will do during your two weeks stay. We spend our mornings sharing our passion for the game with pupils that are like Tennis Sponges. This service trip will fill your heart and soul with life altering memories, long lasting friendships, pure smiles, and tears of joy you will never forget. Come to make a difference and leave completely transformed. Our Tennis Service Trip has been celebrated by the Anguilla Minister of Sports and Education for its outstanding contributions to the Anguillan children.
  • Ecological Service (16 Campers max per session)
    The Ecological stress that tourism creates in the island of Anguilla is tremendous. Tourists come by the millions every year and their carelessness towards the environment leaves scars the locals must live with everyday. Plastic is the main culprit and the pollution it leaves behind affects the landscape, the ecosystem, the marine life, and desecrates the beauty of this land. Our Ecological Service aims to address these issues. With a partnership with local schools and the government of Anguilla, we will launch daily cleanups to bring back the land to its healthiest state. Anguilla and Nature will thank you for your goodwill and you will leave fulfilled.
  • Media Service (8 Campers max per session)
    Our service trips to Anguilla are incredible. The amount of instagram moments are countless. Our previous experiences have made it obvious to our crew that we need a dedicated team of media enthusiasts who are great with photos, videos, editing, blogging, and sharing the empowering stories we create daily. The Media Service trip is the ideal experience for budding storytellers who want to share stories that change lives before their eyes. Since this Media service trip requires equipment, campers will be assigned cameras and computers to document the empowering journey daily.
Accommodation At Great House

This summer of 2024, our girls and boys will be separated into different wings of a beautiful resort for the night while they enjoy other activities and meals together during the day. The resort is located in Rendez Vous bay which was voted Anguilla's Most beautiful beach by Trip Advisor.

Payment Options

The trip pricing is determined by your housing option. Prices below are per person.

Last day to register: March 18th
100% if canceled before March 30th 

50% if canceled before April 15th 
No refund after April 15th 

2 spots per session


Private Room

with King Bed



Shared Room

with Twin Beds



If you were to do this trip on your own, you would spend:

What Else to Know?


Image by Diego PH

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