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The People

You Will Be Spending Time With

What Did Parents Say?


Check out the amazing lineup of individuals, including some truly influential figures, as they share their experiences of sending their children on the Anguilla Service Trip.

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Julie Sweet

CEO of Accenture

Jean Marie Fernandez

Jean Marie Fernandez

Chairwoman of the Washington Ballet

Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers

Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Education


Mitchell Lake

Founder of the Anguilla Tennis Academy

The Locals
Anguilla Tennis Academy Kids

The Anguillians are some of the friendliest people on earth. Their warmth, kindness, and openness is palpable and they are always eager and proud to show you their world. They are in need, but one would never know it as their culture is rich, proud, and humble.

Our goal is to help the Anguillan community with our service trip while injecting some cash flow in their local economy.  

26 years of tennis miracles for Anguillan kids

The Anguilla Tennis Academy

The Anguilla Tennis Academy (ATA) has been doing miracles for 26 years by offering tennis to needy kids on the island. Their efforts have not only generated an excess of $1,000,000 in US scholarships for local talents, but also provided nearly free summer camps to thousands of kids who could not afford it otherwise.

Mitchelle Lake, the man behind ATA was responsible for it
s humble beginning. His goal was to provide young Anguillans with access and opportunity. Today this venue has grown into something much more than what was originally imagined; it now stands proudly not just for its home country but all over the world!


From Washington D.C. To Anguilla

Our Past Campers

It takes a special human being to care for the fate of another. Our campers has learned the meaning of service, gratitude, selflessness, generosity, and true purpose. In a matter of a few days, every camper can elevate the hopes and dreams of all the kids they touch. The extraordinary transformation of each camper is truly palpable and emotional, they became heroes within their own rights.

From Tennis Central
Tennis Central Corporation

Tennis Central is an international tennis organization based in Washington DC. Led by CEO Yann Auzoux, a former Davis Cup player for Cameroon and renowned coach, the company combines its unique coaching pedagogy with facility, competition, and event management, recruiting and concierge equipment services, and its media outlets to redefine the sport for new generations of players.

Tennis Central supports, guides, and inspires all who encounter it through their tennis journey. We believe that the potential of each player is limitless, as seen in our leagues and lessons. We believe that tennis leads to opportunity and personal growth, as seen in competition as well as exclusive travel and service experiences.

In 2021 Tennis Central partnered with the Anguilla Tennis Academy to ensure that Mitch Lake's mission---helping the island's children realize the opportunities for education and development through the sport of tennis---will continue well into the future.

Tennis Central Executives

What Did Our Campers Say?