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This Summer, 2025

Anguilla Service Trip

Empower our campers to take on impactful projects that elevate other children

Instill a sense of Respect, Reflection & Service



We must understand our role and leave judgment at the door. Let's commit to making a difference.



Introspection is a necessary exercise to activate creativity and a true sense of purpose.



Legacy is never about one person but the impact they have on the world after they leave.

ATA + Tennis Central

The Partnership

Tennis Central Corp and the Anguilla Tennis Academy (ATA) have partnered up to empower young tennis players to understand the true meaning of service. This partnership started from a life altering experience a Tennis Central Corp Student had when vacationing on the island.

Once back to Washington DC, she contacted Yann Auzoux, Tennis Central Corp CEO and asked him for guidance on how she could best help fundraise for her new project.


Yann Auzoux decided to create a service trip for young American players that could give them the best of both worlds. Enjoying the Island’s beauty and spoils while giving back to the community in a sustainable meaningful way.

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

What We Did in the Past

Plastic Bottle at Beach
What We do Today, Echos Through Eternity.

Our Directors

Image by Lopez Robin
Help Us Change Lives in Paradise

This Summer 2025

What to Expect
Tennis Central Mission


Come to the island with a guest mindset. Surely, each camper will learn the true meaning of service and begin their transformation.

Tennis Central People


On this trip, our campers will be spending their time with people from the ATA, the Tennis Central sidekicks as well as the Anguilla local kids.

Tennis Central Destination


Anguilla, a unique destination that combines some of the most luxurious resorts in the world with some of the most impoverished people on earth.